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Our Story

Indivisible Simi Valley Porter Ranch is an organized group of activists committed to a real representative government.  The polarization that has happened since the 2016 election has not served our communities.  We believe that President Trump has been selling a fearful and divisive rhetoric.  We seek to change that.  It starts with electing a congress that fights for the needs of our community.  We believe that our congress needs to protect our environment and provide services to foster the greater good.  We believe that Healthcare is a right. We believe in equity for all people. If you would like to join our fight please sign up for our  mailing list and check our events calendar.  We work to change things through our activities and action. If you would like to join in our fight please sign up to receive our emails and calls for action. 

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Indivisibles organize -- which means building power and flexing at key moments.

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